DeepSIM: Image Shape Manipulation from a Single Augmented Training Sample

DeepSIM: Image Shape Manipulation from a Single Augmented Training Sample

School of Computer Science and Engineering
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
ICCV 2021 (Oral)

*Indicates Equal Contribution

DeepSIM: Given a single real training image (b) and a corresponding primitive representation (a), our model learns to map between the primitive (a) to the target image (b). At inference, the original primitive (a) is manipulated by the user. Then, the manipulated primitive is passed through the network which outputs a corresponding manipulated image (e) in the real image domain.


We present DeepSIM, a generative model for conditional image manipulation based on a single image. We find that extensive augmentation is key for enabling single image training, and incorporate the use of thin-plate-spline (TPS) as an effective augmentation. Our network learns to map between a primitive representation of the image to the image itself. The choice of a primitive representation has an impact on the ease and expressiveness of the manipulations and can be automatic (e.g. edges), manual (e.g. segmentation) or hybrid such as edges on top of segmentations. At manipulation time, our generator allows for making complex image changes by modifying the primitive input representation and mapping it through the network. Our method is shown to achieve remarkable performance on image manipulation tasks.

ICCV Presentation

Single Image Animation

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The single image animation primitives were created by Jonathan Reich