3D Stereo Panorama

OmniStereo: 3D Stereo Panorama

Moshe Ben-Ezra, Yael Pritch, Shmuel Peleg


OmniStereo creates stereo (3D) images using a single ordinary camera sweeping a scene, and is the easiest way to create stereo images.
A basic stereo image consists of two views from two different viewpoints, each view seen by a different eye. Many stereoscopic displays are capable of using more views, enabling the viewer to "move around" the object. OmniStereo can create as many stereo views as needed by the stereo display. In addition to easy generation of stereo, OmniStereo is the only method that can create a wide field-of-view stereo, as wide as full 360 degrees.

OmniStereo images are created using the following steps:
(1) A set of images are captured by a camera sweeping the scene such that the axis of rotation is behind the camera.
(2) Each one of the stereo views is created by stitching together strips taken from the input frames. Different views are made from strips taken from different locations at the input frames.
(3) The stereo views are displayed on a stereo display. Stereo effect can be obtained in a normal 2D display by sequentially playing the stereo views, as done in the examples down this page.

Omnidirectional stereo panoramas can also be captured using optics without any moving parts, or rendered by computer graphics methods to represent virtual environments. OmniStereo is the only method that can render a full 360 degrees of stereo, providing the ultimate immersive viewing experience.

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Examples of 360 degrees anaglyph panoramas are given in Moshe Ben-Ezra's OmniStereo page

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